Elder Matthew Pena - North Carolina Charlotte Mission

Elder Matthew Pena - North Carolina Charlotte Mission
Matthew 5:16
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 7th 2013 Email

Dear Mom and Dad,

          Thank you for the emails and the pictures! Mom, hopefully I  got the prayer in before you took your test. I said it around 11:30 your time. It is kind of weird being 3 hours ahead. There is a world clock on the iPad, it shows where it is day and where it is night, and when I am just about ready to go to bed and I see that the sun is still up over there, I feel a little funny about that and I have no idea why. 

Mom I read your email first so when I saw that my car was sold I was very depressed for about 5 seconds. That was when I saw the next sentence which did make me feel much better. Let me know how Ian likes the car. I also hope you got the oil changed on it because it needed that since before I left. 

It is interesting to think that I am now 2 months out. 2 months since I have seen any of you or Arizona, only 22 months to go. I think it was my first week here my companion pointed to the sky and asked me how far away the plane was. I said probably around 30,000 ft. He the replied "No, 23 months". From what I have heard it takes about 4 to 6 months before the home sickness goes away and before you start to really get into it, after that the time fly's by. But I have been doing well out here so far, there are no desires to go home until the work is done.

One thing I found out, is that there are a few people in the ward that are from Mesa! I think it was last week, we were at a members house, and I found out that the whole family lived off of Stapley and the 60. When they found out I was from Gilbert we spent most of the time talking about the valley. A couple of people here graduated from Mesa High in 93 as well. It was nice to talk to people that knew the same streets I know. I have noticed that the one problem we all face going from Arizona to NC, is the fact that it is hard to find a GOOD Mexican food restaurant.

One last funny story is that the bishops son whose name is also Matthew served in Tuscon! Anyway, in regards to the work we found 2 potentials and one of our investigators came to 2 sessions of General Conference. He seemed to enjoy it and could even tell us in detail his favorite talk and why. I also got the chance to run the area for a day when my companion went to an 8 hour meeting. Everything went fine, only a few people went inactive and stopped seeing us because of it (haha). But everything is going well and I hope to hear from ya'll soon.


Elder Matthew Pena

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